28 Days of Black History: Pastor Charles “CeJay” Johnson

Charles Edward Johnson (Pastor CeJay), one of Shreveport’s most influential millennial leaders that uses his voice to impact people. To help people reach their destiny, you have to meet people where they are in life. Pastor CeJay has always been “all about people” regardless of where they are in life. Through this approach, he’s been able to reach thousands of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, denominations, races, ages, and creeds. The pulpit, radio, and digital media, among others, have helped Pastor CeJay meet the needs of people within his community and various places throughout America.

In 2014, Pastor CeJay became a familiar gospel voice on local radio. He became an announcer for Sunday morning on a hip hop radio station – KBTT 103.7 FM Tha Beat. The show was uplifting, inspirational, and a different presentation of gospel music for all generations. Pastor CeJay excelled beyond the odds of being told he would never be able to do gospel radio on a hip hop station. The station gave him 30 minutes that turned into an hour, which turned into three hours and eventually five hours on Sunday mornings. People loved to hear Pastor CeJay on the radio and were the reason the show grew into a huge success.

Through time and consistency, Pastor CeJay’s voice has become the leading voice for gospel music in Shreveport. In October 2015, Pastor CeJay created CeJay Enterprises of Louisiana. May of 2017, the company officially registered as a limited liability company within the State of Louisiana. The company’s creation was to manage the event, commercial cleaning, and tax businesses he owned. The company also helps manage his radio brand bookings.

Pastor CeJay has organized some of the most successful Christian events and concerts within Shreveport. He’s responsible for bringing LeAndria Johnson, Jermaine Dolly, Tye Tribbett, Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, Joshua Rogers, The Walls Groups and many more high profile gospel artists to Shreveport. Every year Pastor CeJay and his team host Christian events and concerts. Women of Worth, PraiseFest, iAm Gospel Talent Show, Pre-Mother’s Day, Preachers Rally, etc. are some of the events that have blessed thousands of people.

Tax Gurus of Louisiana and Spotless Commercial Cleaning are other businesses that are amongst Pastor CeJay’s business portfolio. He’s built his tax business to nearly 300 clients and his commercial cleaning business to 3 significant contracts. Throughout a fiscal year, CeJay Enterprises of Louisiana employs 30 plus people with full time, part-time, commission-based, or temporary jobs. Also, throughout the gospel industry, you’ll hear Pastor CeJay name mentioned as the “gatekeeper” for gospel music artists seeking to come into the Shreveport market. Earlier we told you about Pastor CeJay barely having a chance to bring gospel music to a hip-hop radio station.

Now, he oversees a 24-hour gospel radio station as Program/Content Director since August 2019. That station is 980 AM / 93.3 FM – KOKA. It’s the first African American radio station in Shreveport. Under Pastor CeJay’s leadership, he revived the station, expanded its listener base, grew its social media following, increased the station revenue, and brought a diverse group of talent to the station. Everyday listeners call-in, come by the station or stop him in public offering compliments to the great work he’s doing with the station.

The station has a 30, 000+ listening base and growing digital base as well. Pastor CeJay’s show airs in the afternoon from 3 P. M. – 7 P. M.

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