3 rd Annual Leader Faith Forum – Community-Wide Event

LA – Dr. Michael Sprague, Parish President Mike Cooper, District Attorney
Warren Montgomery, and Mr. Barry Haindel, Director of Life Resources, Inc., will be
hosting the 3 rd Annual Faith Forum Community-Wide Event on Tuesday, March 21st from
7:30am to 8:30am at The Chapel at First Baptist Church of Covington located at 16054
Murphy Road, Covington, LA.

The community is invited to join elected officials of Louisiana and leaders from various
industries for an hour of Scripture reading and prayers for our elected officials,
legislative sessions, and pastors.

Leader Faith Forum was formed three years ago by this year’s hosts. If last year is any
indication, The Chapel at First Baptist Church of Covington will be filled with leaders
who are seeking wisdom and discernment in their personal and professional lives, as
well as members of the community who may wish to do the same. The elected officials
and leaders are seeking to grow closer in relationship to Jesus Christ. According to
Parish President Mike Cooper, “The founders wish to faithfully fulfill their roles as
community servants while honoring their faith in Jesus Christ.”

For more information, please contact Dr. Michael Sprague, Louisiana State Chaplain
with Capital Commission Louisiana, at 985-502-4265 or email
[email protected].

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