4 Brand New Songbooks released by Brent Jones!   Quadruple Release

By popular demand, Grammy & Stellar winner Brent jones is thrilled to release 4 Brand New Songbooks!  Riding high on the success of his new smash hit single “Nothing Else Matters” (Billboard’s #1 Most Added Song at Radio), Brent Jones Quadruple Release feature all his signature hits including “Nothing Else Matters”, “He Rose”, “Open Your Mouth and Say Something”, “Don’t Wait Till Midnight”, “Cry Holy”, “Fear and Faith Can’t Live Together”, “Heaven In The Room”, and so much more!

Featuring a wide variety of music from traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, praise & worship, to urban and more, these 4 Brent Jones’ SONGBOOKS ARE A MUST HAVE FOR CHURCHES & MUSIC LOVERS EVERYWHERE!

“Teaching at Stanford University last month and at UCLA’s Herb Alpert School of Music in years past, I have always received countless requests for my songbooks and sheet music, so I am super excited with this Quadruple Release of my 4 brand new Brent Jones Songbooks!

A special thanks to Professor James Roberson for creating songbooks for all his JDI artists. Transcribing my music has allowed me to bring great gospel music to the masses and to share my musical gifts beyond the four walls of the church so, I am honored!”

Says Brent Jones