April’s Church of the Month

KOKA would like to congratulate April’s Church of the Month. Union Mission Baptist Church No. 1, James Green serves as Pastor/Coach. For more information about the church call them at  318-318-686-6653. The Heart of Gospel Church of the Month.

Pastor James E. Green has been Pastor at Union Mission for 45 years. In total, he has been pastoring for 51 years and preaching the gospel for 52 years. Pastor Green is the author of two books and the recording artist of Bloody & Dusty. He gives beyond his time, energy, and his love to our church family, and community. He goes to the church every day to pray for the members of the congregation. In 18 years, he has only missed 8 days of going to the church due to being out of town, in revival, or during the snowstorm of 2021. In 17 years, he has missed no days of praying.

Amid a global pandemic, he has continued to lead with great strength and resolve – following God’s path and guiding the church during incredibly unprecedented times.