Centenary College graduate creates thought-provoking art show using pandemic themes

SHREVEPORT, La. – Art can make us think about ourselves and the world around us, and with the coronavirus affecting all aspects of many lives, a young artist created a unique exhibit using themes that were experienced during the pandemic.

For her senior project at Centenary College, Lila Beavers created “SHELTER” an exhibit that uses greenhouses to convey an artistic message. Each designed and decorated in different conceptual themes.

“My shelter is inspired by isolation necessitated by the global pandemic. The reason why I choose greenhouses because I saw restaurants putting up these little tents people could go and enjoy a meal in,” Beavers said.

She began her project when COVID-19 made everything uncertain. To avoid capacity limits inside that would keep people from viewing her work, she pivoted her idea for the outdoors to allow people to see her art show in a safe way.

“It creates a Covid-safe bubble for people to go and enjoy the artwork and enjoy a one-on-one experience with it,” Beavers said.

She installed a series of eight greenhouse exhibits along the campus placed in separate locations that people walk by and may not think about. She added projections and motion sensors to invoke a visual experience.

“It’s meditative and thought-provoking,” Beavers said.

One with wording across it about inner thoughts people may have felt being alone during the pandemic. Another that plays on our sense of smell, using flowers and candlelight. She also crafted handmade ceramics inside.

“The parts of the show that are my crafted creation is any ceramics that you see so any pots or sculptural elements I made those by hand with porcelain,” Beavers said.

Lila’s exhibit was featured on Centenary’s campus for the public to walk through during the evening and night time in May. So people could get out of their homes for awhile and enjoy a walking artwork tour.

“Centenary really teaches you to be well-rounded. They teach you how to learn and how to figure out how to do things on your own. This whole experience of making these exhibits was a learning process every step of the way,” Beavers said.

Lila said she’s loved art since she was a kid. She grew up in a military family so she traveled a lot. She was born in Alaska, moved to New Mexico, and even lived in Italy. She then moved to Texas, back to Alaska, before winding up in Shreveport where she’s been for the past ten years.

She’s graduating with a degree in Graphic Design and is a freelance designer.

“I want to stay involved in the arts community wherever I am,” Beavers said.

She said younger students interested in art should pursue it as a career because there’s a lot of possibilities of where it can take you.

Lila just graduated from Centenary College and plans to visit her family before spending some time traveling and maintaining graphic design projects.

Using her creations to capture a moment in time and introspective look at ourselves, Lila Beavers is our Standout Student.

Source: ArkLaTex News 

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