Dante Bowe New Single WIND ME UP  Featuring Reggae Artist Anthony B Out Now

Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum-selling singer and songwriter Dante Bowe announced the release of his latest single, “Wind Me Up featuring dance hall and reggae artist Anthony B off his upcoming self-titled album, Dante Bowe. “Wind Me Up” is an electrifying collaboration of Bowe’s transcendent vocal talents that converges with the infectious lyrics and rhythms of the acclaimed reggae star Anthony B.

As “Wind Me Up” charts its debut in time for summer, listeners can expect to “Get ready to groove, be inspired, and experience the transformative power of music like never before,” said Bowe. “Wind Me Up” is a song of empowerment that talks to your loved ones; it can be your spouse, or it can be God. We all need someone to wind us up, pick us up, and remind us that we are enough. You’ll listen to “Wind Me Up” and be encouraged and inspired to go on another day,” continued Bowe.

Listeners can stream “Wind Me Up” now and pre-save Bowe’s upcoming album, scheduled to be released July 21, on all platforms by clicking here.

Bowe’s upcoming album on TRUE Music label promises to be his first collection of new music that crosses genres and showcases Bowe in a new light as he experiments with sounds that blend hip-hop, gospel, R&B, and more.

Bowe, in partnership with Dr. Field and Sabrina Harrison, founded TRUE Music and is set to release his first self-titled album on the label this July. Bowe, the CEO of TRUE Music, commented, “This project represents my creative evolution and a bold step towards pushing boundaries. I felt free when I made this album and like I could try anything — without limitations on myself.”

Dr. Field Harrison, Co-Founder of TRUE Music, said, “I’ve seen people who are the best at things, and it’s always amazing to witness. But watching Dante work on this last album, there was a moment I realized I was watching the most talented person I’ve ever seen work. His success seems inevitable when you combine his heart with his extraordinary faith and incredible talent. He isn’t just making music; he’s starting genres – he already changed Christian music, and now he’s going mainstream. He’s creating a new global sound the world is going to love. He’s going to change the world”.

Sabrina Harrison, Co-Founder of TRUE Music, added, “Our team was able to capture the essence of freedom, joy, and hope through beats inspired by a natural, communal conversation between friends. With a sound that traditional genres cannot define, Dante’s latest release has exceeded expectations by allowing the listener to experience a “deeper Dante” through lyrical transparency and a new sense of liberated creative depth.”