EJ Fields set to sign with Malaco Music Group

E.J. Fields is a Contemporary Christian Music Artist with a mission to help the generations experience God more excellently. His multi-cultural sound allows him to reach many nationalities and cross color barriers to bring people together. E.J believes, “During these times it’s pivotal to know God…I want my ministry to serve as a pipeline to Christ.” Fields bring an authentic style of Praise and Worship that adds a sense of simplicity to any audience. E.J. Fields is promoting his current album, “I’ve seen him do it,” proclaimed by peers to be an album for the masses. The message he provides through his music is a message of hope and, in his own words to others, “Destiny Without Fear.”

He’s preparing to sign a music deal with Malaco Music Group this fall.

Since 1968, Malaco Music Group has been a leader in the independent recording industry. Also known as the Last Soul Company, Malaco defines the state of contemporary southern R&B, soul, and gospel music and has contributed to the careers of several artists. Malaco is home to many recording artists and songwriters, a catalog of thousands of original recordings and song copyrights.

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