Highroad Set to Release Straight from the Heart on May 31

The GRAMMY-nominated gospel group, HighRoad, is set to deliver their new album with songs, Straight From the Heart, on May 31st.

The 10 track album features a selection of heartfelt and inspiring songs, including the standout track, “Working on a Building.” This song is a collaboration with some of the most beloved names in Gospel music, such as Karen Peck, The Nelsons, Kim Hopper, and Kenna Turner West. Together, they bring a fresh and soulful sound to this classic song, making it a must-listen for gospel fans everywhere.

Another highlight on the album is “Only In the Cross,” featuring the celebrated gospel artist Scotty Inman. This track delves into the profound meaning of redemption and grace, with Inman’s rich vocals adding depth to the piece. It’s a powerful song that resonates with the essence of the gospel message, making it a poignant addition to this already exceptional album.

The entire project, with additional tracks such as, “When I Lift Up My Head,” “That’s What Love Is,” and “Sing a Hallelujah” captures the spirit of faith, community and perseverance that Gospel music is known for. We hope you enjoy Straight From The Heart. Please reach out to us for any questions, interview requests and more.

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