Honoring a Legacy: KOKA Debuts “Wisdom In the Word” Featuring Dr. Harry Blake

In a poignant tribute to a remarkable life dedicated to justice and racial equality, KOKA is set to premiere a new radio broadcast titled “Wisdom In the Word” featuring the late Dr. Harry Blake. A prominent leader during the civil rights movement alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Blake was not only a pivotal figure in shaping history but also a revered pastor in Shreveport, Louisiana.

For more than 52 years, Dr. Blake served as the beloved Pastor of Mount Canaan Baptist Church, leaving an indelible mark on the community. His commitment to the principles of justice and equality resonated through both his leadership in the civil rights movement and his pastoral role.

The radio broadcast “Wisdom In the Word” is a platform where Dr. Harry Blake’s profound teachings and insights will continue to inspire generations. Set to air every Monday at 2 PM CST, this show promises to be a source of wisdom, reflection, and empowerment for listeners.

Whether you tune in online or locally at 980 AM or 93.3 FM, “Wisdom In the Word” provides an opportunity for the community to connect with the enduring legacy of Dr. Harry Blake. His words, infused with wisdom and compassion, transcend time and continue to hold relevance in the ongoing pursuit of justice.

As we listen to the echoes of Dr. Blake’s wisdom, we not only honor a key figure in the civil rights movement but also gain valuable insights that can guide us in the present and shape a more just future. “Wisdom In the Word” serves as a tribute to a life well-lived and a reminder of the enduring impact of one man’s dedication to the pursuit of righteousness.

Tune in on Mondays at 2 PM CST to experience the wisdom of Dr. Harry Blake on “Wisdom In the Word.” Whether you access the show online or through local frequencies, 980 AM or 93.3 FM, the resonance of his teachings will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of all who listen.