Hundreds of jobs available in the Shreveport-Bossier area

SHREVEPORT, La.– A local employment agency says if you’re looking for a job many places are hiring. Jean Simpson Personnel Services said they have between 350 to 400 positions to fill in a wide variety of industries.

“The applicant flow has gotten better. I’ve seen the trend going up which is really good and a lot better than it was months ago,” said Jeff Domar, operations manager Jean Simpson Personnel Services.

Domar said Jean Simpson Personnel Services is looking for good candidates to fill an increasing amount of jobs. He explains who is hiring.

“Honestly, everybody. You’ve got manufacturing companies, restaurants, we’re placing people at special events. Pretty much everybody in the city is hiring. We have anything from general clerical type duties to warehouse, welding. People in insurance, legal experience. Just all types of jobs,” Domar said.

He said many employers had to adapt their operations and some of those changes will last past the pandemic as new way to do business. But the outlook is a lot more positive than before.

“Businesses had to rethink how they do things and become more creative,” Domar said.

Companies are still competing with unemployment benefits that sometimes pay more so that’s believed to also contribute to the amount of available jobs. Domar tells people that unemployment will not last, but a career will.

They accept applicants between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the week. You can also call or go online to set up an appointment to help you find a job.

Source: ArkLaTex News