J. Long: Experience The Faith, Funk & Flair of Christian Funk

J.Long is a Christian Funk artist whose work incorporates the edgy flair of rock music with a raw yet soulful crooning of a man after God’s heart.

In 2023, J.Long cranked out three impressive albums.  R&B (Redeemed and Blessed) Volume II, COUPLES THERAPY VOLUME II, and J.A.I.M.E. (Jesus Absolutely Is My Everything), which boasts the hit title track and official music video, “ J.A.I.M.E.”  Continuing his strong creative stride, he starts this new year with a deeply personal and transparent single that many people can relate to.

J.Long’s new single, “Dr. Jesus,” is a ballad emphasizing the continual need to pray and submit to His authority.  J.Long inspires listeners to sincerely request His presence for any situation and accept His will so victory can prevail.

“My life is the inspiration behind this song,” he explains.  “I was at a breaking point and trying to fix various trials and tribulations on my own, with none of my efforts working.  I found myself crying out to God, telling Him I needed Him.  The real healing began once I decided to trust God and His plan.”

With “Dr. Jesus,” J.Long sleekly croons his profound lyrics over his rock and soul-infused track.  Influenced at a young age by Gospel Quartet music, J.Long incorporates funk, 70’s Soul, 80’s-90’s R&B, and Hip Hop into his creative musical flow.  His unique artistry assigns his distinction as he contributes to the ever-evolving Gospel music genre that sometimes negates the embrace of the many innovative and anointed sub-genres that blend various musical styles with theologically relevant and inspiring lyrics.

“Gospel music needs to become broader regarding not everyone having the same sound, and there is a need for more collaborative efforts across styles,” says J.Long.  “You turn on the radio nowadays, and it sounds like one long song.  I’m not the trending sound; I’m just J!  I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a Gospel singer – I won’t come and blow down a building vocally because that’s not what I do. But I will rock that mug!”

He continues, “I understand that not everyone will like my style of music because I don’t like everybody’s style of music. But, I’m A Vibe!  Those who hear me and get it are those who God calls me to.  I am careful and intentional that my music points them back to the cross and to Jesus Christ.”

You can stream, download, and experience “Dr. Jesus” and the faith, funk, and flair of J.Long now by visiting your favorite digital music outlet hereYouTube and his website JFAMENT.com.  “Dr. Jesus” is released on JFAM Enterprises record label, owned and operated by J.Long and his brother Keith Bell.

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