Majority of People Worldwide Believe in Angels, 36% Had Angelic Encounters, Study Finds

global study has revealed people’s belief in the existence of angels as well as the types of angelic encounters among believers. It included 800 participants from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, and India and found that 75% of its respondents reported a belief in angels. In addition, research showed that 36% of those who believe in angels also claim to have had experiences with these celestial beings, indicating that angelic occurrences are common.

The most common types of angelic encounters reported by participants were:

  • Having vivid or recurring dreams that felt different than regular dreams (15.5%)
  • Experiencing a strong sense to change action or direction (12.3%)
  • Hearing one’s name called when no one was around (12.3%)
  • Smelling scents that weren’t physically there, such as flowers or perfume (10.3%)
  • Seeing repeating number patterns or sequences (10.3%)
  • Seeing an animal or inset repeatedly, such as a butterfly, bird or other (7.6%)
  • Hearing a song or seeing a quote repeatedly (7.2%)
  • Seeing sparkling lights or orbs (not due to a medical condition) (7.2%)

Other types of reported angelic encounters included hearing high-pitched ringing (not due to a medical condition), seeing items regularly like coins or feathers, having a near death experience (NDE) and an angel was present, doing automatic writing, seeing an angel face to face in human form, experiencing an angelic presence through other people, and feeling protected from a guardian angel.

“This study marks the first research conducted on people’s encounters with angels, including data on participants’ beliefs, experiences, and perceptions of these celestial beings,” said Dr. Scott Guerin. “The findings shed light on the nature of angelic encounters, provide a deeper understanding of this intriguing phenomenon, and emphasize the need for further research.”

Data also revealed that angelic encounters were not isolated incidents for most participants. While some people reported experiencing angels a few times over the years, many encountered them several times a year, and some even experienced angels on a weekly or monthly basis. During these experiences, most respondents reported feeling peaceful, calm, and protected. Other physical sensations reported included body chills, tingling skin, twitching, a breeze, or a warm hug. It is worth noting that a small percentage of respondents felt frightened or confused during their encounters.

The statistical data collected in the study provides insights into the belief in angels across different regions with South Africa having the highest percentage of believers at 24.9%, followed closely by the United States at 24.7%. India and the United Kingdom also had significant percentages of believers, with 22.4% and 13.9% respectively. The study also included respondents from the Philippines and Zimbabwe, though in smaller numbers. Participant demographics were evenly split between females and males, with the majority falling within the age range of 18 to 40 years.

“By providing a glimpse into the beliefs and experiences of people from various cultures and backgrounds it highlights the widespread belief in angels and the prevalence of personal encounters, opening the door to further exploration of angelic experiences overall,” concluded Nichole Bigley, co-author of Looking for Angels: A Guide to Understanding and Connecting with Angels.

About the Angel Study

 Co-authors Dr. Scott Guerin and Nichole Bigley of the best-selling book, Looking for Angels: A Guide to Understanding and Connecting with Angels conducted the study online through Testable (, which offered participants the opportunity to share their beliefs and encounters with angels. Testable is known for its extensive participant pool of over 65,000 individuals from around the world. With a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge, Testable facilitates research across various fields and provides valuable insights into human behavior and beliefs.

For more information on the study and its findings, please visit If you believe in angels and have had an experience, take the separate online poll.

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