Mayor-Elect Tom Arceneaux announces transition team

Mayor-Elect Tom Arceneaux announced the people on his transition team on Wednesday, Dec. 14.

The team will help smooth the administrative transition and assist with long-term matters central to Arceneaux’s platform. The Tom Arceneaux campaign will pay all costs associated with the transition.

“I want to thank each citizen that answered the call to serve. Their participation on this team will play a critical role in the smooth transition of power and will help me to plan workable solutions for issues that affect each of our neighborhoods,” said Arceneaux.

Former City Attorney William C. Bradford, Jr. and Former Chief Administrative Officer Tom Dark have been selected to co-chair the transition team efforts.

The following people are also part of the team:

  • Elizabeth Arceneaux – First Lady
  • Gabriel Balderas – Owner of Zulzul Coastal Cuisine & La. Food Prize finalist
  • Waynette Ballengee – Founder at The Ballengee Foundation
  • Linda Biernacki – Owner of FireTech Systems
  • Mario Chavez – Business owner & Caddo Parish Commissioner
  • Robert Dean, CPA, ABV – Director at Heard, McElroy and Vestal
  • Wendell Delaney – Retired SPD
  • Brittney Dunn, CPA – President of Shreveport Bossier African American Chamber of Commerce
  • Bill Flanagan, J.D. – Retired assistant U.S. attorney
  • LeVette Fuller – City councilwoman
  • Sarah Giglio, J.D. – Partner at Gilmer & Giglio, LLC.
  • James Hobley, M.D. – Partner at Gastrointestinal Specialists
  • Lydia Jackson – V.P. Business Development Officer – Capital One & Former Louisiana State Senator
  • Theron Jackson, Ph.D. – Pastor at Morning Star Baptist Church of Shreveport
  • Taylor Jamison – Blanchard Walker Trinity Oil
  • Bobby Jelks, M.S. – President & CEO at Franks Management Company
  • Charles Johnson – Program/Content Director KOKA
  • Jimmy Jones – President at Axom Development
  • Sherricka Fields-Jones, MBA – Former Assistant CAO – City of Shreveport
  • Rich Lamb, J.D. – partner at Weiner, Weiss & Madison
  • Tim Magner, Ed.D. – president of Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce
  • Camille Tharpe-McCall – Anderson Oil & Gas
  • Mike Moore – Owner at Mike Moore Team Real Estate Agents
  • Francesca Moreland – Owner at Williams Creative Group
  • John Nickelson, J.D – Owner at City Council-District C Nickelson Law
  • Grant Nuckolls, M.S. – Owner at Twisted Root, Cuban Liquor & Wine Co. & Jacquelyn’s Café
  • Jim Roberts – Retired SPD Chief
  • L. Havard Scott, III., J.D. – Law Offices of L. Havard Scott, III
  • Arthur Thompson, J.D. – Former Clerk of Council for the City of Shreveport
  • Steve Walker, M.S. – President of Former JPMorgan Chase Market
  • Scott Ward – Southern Components, Inc.
  • Hilary Wooley, J.D. – Corporate Counsel for Biomedical Research Foundation of NW Louisiana

The team will work within six committees:

  • Administrative Transition Committee
    • Members will advise on transitional responsibilities between Election Day and the Mayor-Council Inauguration.
  • Public Safety Transition Committee
    • Members will assist in developing strategies to reduce crime. Discussion sessions will be held with the public.
  • Blight Abatement Transition Committee
    • Members will assist in identifying blight abatement laws and successful blight strategies in like-sized cities.
  • Business and Economic Development Transition Committee
    • Members will assist in outlining key impediments to businesses in Shreveport. They will also identify ways for Shreveport to encourage minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses to participate in city contracting.
  • Community Building Transition Committee
    • Members will coordinate community outreach efforts. They will also develop programming for youth, arts, sports, and music that support the city’s efforts.
  • Finance Transition Committee
    • The committee is responsible for reviewing the City budget and will advise on accounting, actuarial and practical matters related to the Certified Audited Financial Report.

At this time, Arceneaux is set to be sworn in on Saturday, Dec. 31.

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