Mayor Perkins is making some progress

Shreveport, LA – (KOKA) Adrian Perkins has been Mayor of Shreveport for 400 plus days. Not every turn has been the best turn but Mayor Perkins is making some progress.

The Mayor has faced a lot of criticism from many of Shreveport residents including myself. However, the Mayor has remained focused on making Shreveport a more progressive city. The following changes he’s made represent that:

  1. He named Keith Hanson as Chief Technology Officer which has improved the cities use of technology and saved the city money.
  2.  He has brought about more minority participation through the Fair Share program.
  3. He presented a more balanced 2020 budget.
  4. He has opened up city government through social media. He’s been the only Mayor to effectively use social media since it’s creation. More citizens have become engaged in city government because of the Mayor’s social media activity.
  5. He changed managers of the City’s consent decree program which they have done a better job engaging the community.
  6. He led a effort to help sanitation workers through a new fee.
  7. He has been very aggressive on crime. Under his leadership crime is at a 45 year low.
  8. He created a Chief Financial Officer position to strengthen the operation of the city finance department.

Often time negative tensions can drown out the good but the reality is that Mayor Perkins has made some progress and that deserves attention as well.

Authored by: Charles Johnson (OPINION)

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