Pastor John P. Kee takes break from pastoral duties after falling ‘seriously ill’

Pastor John P. Kee is recovering at an undisclosed facility following an illness that has taken him out of the pulpit of Charlotte’s New Life Fellowship Center “for a short period.” This news was released in an official letter from Shelia Lakin, church administrator, and posted Sunday, Jan. 28, on social media accounts affiliated with Kee and the church.

The letter read, in part:

Our beloved pastor, John, will be taking a break from his duties for a short period to heal and strengthen his physical, mental, and spiritual body. He fell seriously ill a few weeks ago and by the grace of our dear God, [o]ur leader has been given back to us! We know him as a true fighter and he is yet fighting back in our midst! Hallelujah [sic]

As many of you may or may not know, Pastor John’s recent severe injuries caused him considerable personal pain and discomfort. In order to fully recover and regain his strength, it is necessary for him to take some time off from his pastoral responsibilities. This break will allow him to focus on his healing and ensure that he can continue serving our church and community with renewed energy and faithful dedication.

Lakin’s letter continued with a call for prayer, “asking for a speedy recovery and a renewed sense of purpose and calling.” The letter also revealed that “in the meantime, he has been placed in an undisclosed facility.”

During this past Sunday morning’s service, Pastor Kee delivered a personal audio message to his New Life church family.

“Praise the Lord. If you’re listening to this message, you’re indeed a partaker of New Life Fellowship Global Church,” he began. “We’ve been called to effect change all over the world. God has used us mightily to do just that. As your pastor, I found myself in a position a few weeks ago where I didn’t know that I even existed. But oh for the grace of God, the warriors in prayer, my amazing team of doctors and surgeons, I’m here amongst the land of the living.” You can hear his full audio message starting at the 6:45 mark of the live-streamed service.

Our prayers are with Pastor Kee as he recovers from this health challenge, which comes on the heels of his mother Lizzie Shannon Kee’s passing at the age of 97 earlier this month.

By Libra Boyd
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