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Christian Rap with Gospel Angel

Angel Roberson’s journey is a tapestry of diverse experiences and rich narratives. Hailing proudly from Cooper Road USA in Shreveport, she graduated from Green Oaks High School and pursued her studies at Southern University Shreveport. With an Associates Degree in Telecommunication from Bossier Parish Community College and a Bachelors in Radio, TV & Film from Arkansas State University, her academic foundation was set.

In her professional trajectory, Angel has worn multiple hats, from teaching to news reporting and anchoring. Notably, she served as the Project Coordinator for Word of Outreach Christian Academy Mentoring Center in Little Rock, AR, overseeing mentoring activities for at-risk students. Additionally, she held esteemed positions like the Editor-in-Chief of America’s Bride and Groom Arkansas, a ghostwriter, author, and the visionary founder of Central Arkansas’ Wealth Generator Club.

Her commitment to public service is evident in her roles as the Coalitions Director for Arkansas Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Keet and Volunteer Coordinator for Arkansas Term Limits Effort. Notably, she spearheaded the Angel Project, a faith-driven initiative engaging inner-city youth and young adults through stage plays.

Beyond professional pursuits, Angel’s altruism shines through her extensive volunteer work, exceeding 3000 hours, encompassing various causes including AmeriCorps, Arkansans for Life, and church programs.

Angel’s radio career, which commenced in 1998 as an intern for KWKH Shreveport, has been illustrious. From her early days to her recent stint with KSYB and KOKA, her presence has resonated across airwaves.

In 2018, Angel founded the Wealth Generator Club (WGC) to combat financial illiteracy, offering financial seminars and emphasizing philanthropy through scholarships, feedings, and Christmas toy drives. Despite facing challenges, including the closure of the WGC’s downtown office during the 2020 COVID Crisis, Angel’s dedication remains unwavering.

However, amidst her myriad accomplishments, Angel holds motherhood as her greatest source of pride, underscoring her deep-rooted values and priorities.