• Saturday
    7:00 am - 10:00 am

Quartet Jubilee with Dr. Al Hall

Originating from Marshall, Texas, Dr. Al Hall’s fervor for broadcasting ignited in his formative years at H.B. Pemberton High School. Continuing his academic pursuit, he attended Wiley College in Marshall and Prairie View, Texas. Graduating with honors, he attained expertise in Broadcasting Course and Radio Licensing from the prestigious Elkins Institute of Broadcasting in Dallas.

Embarking on his radio odyssey, Dr. Hall commenced his career at KDOX, thereafter expanding his horizons with significant roles at KZEY-AM in Tyler, K104 FM in Dallas, and KHYM-AM in Gilmer, where he assumed the mantle of program director. His leadership journey continued as the General Manager at KIOU-AM in Shreveport before transitioning to KOKA-AM/FM as a board operator.

In 1994, Dr. Hall embraced his divine calling, establishing Believers International Fellowship in Shreveport, LA. Here, he serves as Pastor/Teacher, seamlessly intertwining his passion for radio with profound spiritual leadership, enriching both his community and congregation.