Shreveport City Marshal James Jefferson and his office holds Amnesty Day

Shreveport City Marshall Office held its Annual Amnesty Day on Saturday, March 11. Anyone with outstanding warrants and delinquent tickets with Shreveport City courts had a chance to handle their case without penalty.

After Amnesty Day at Shreveport City Courthouse, hundreds of citizens had their day in court without facing jail time. Court proceedings were held from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Those with warrants could have them recalled, handle the matter in court, or receive a new court date without being arrested or additional fees being added. In addition, anyone with delinquent fines could pay or request a new payment schedule. Amnesty Day is the one time a year they open their doors on a Saturday.

“We know that many people work 8 to 5 Monday through Friday, and many people are only off on the weekends, so many times that’s how people miss court because they’re working. So, today is one of those days that it’s no excuse for you not to come in to pay your outstanding traffic ticket,” Shreveport City Marshall James Jefferson said.

Judges were busy. That morning, they had already seen 107 court cases and recalled 268 warrants with new court dates assigned. Amnesty Day is only for offenses committed in Shreveport. All other delinquent cases from different cities and parishes do not qualify.