It is not difficult to become frustrated in Shreveport… It may be that the adjective that best describes most progressive citizens in the city of Shreveport is just that… Frustrated! Some of y’all know I’ve been working with a group called GDC who is trying to do a large project on cross bayou. What amazes me is that I have been elected as a City Councilman before, as you know. I’ve been in business in the city of Shreveport over the course of the last 20 years in at least three different businesses. I have developed and built A real estate project or two in Shreveport. But what’s frustrating to me is when there is a city Council, not all the members, but too many who have not done anything in Shreveport. Who don’t own property, who don’t pay taxes, and who are killing or trying to kill the opportunity to create jobs. What I want to know is how many jobs has the council created? There are certain members who act as if they are so well possessed of development knowledge and they haven’t served a year on the council yet. I’m bothered by the fact that they have us living in one of the most unsafe cities according to a study I read today (I will attach that) meanwhile, they are killing jobs and jobs are a guaranteed crime fighting tool. You should ask your Councilperson what are you doing? Because sitting on the council bloviating and being articulate is not the equivalent of getting something done! As a citizen and a taxpayer I get sick of all of the pontification and no action. They know how to kill and vote against everything… But have not brought a single company to the table to create jobs in the city that I’m aware of, are you?

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