The Rise of the Gulf Coast: Georgia, Mississippi, & Florida

Despite hurricanes and tribulations, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi always seem to rise! We are aware of the recent storms in the gulf coast region, causing many to lose homes, belongings, and loved ones. Although it may seem that recovering from catastrophic events is hopeless, that is not the sentiment of the FOFMI Humanity Project, The Georgia & Mississippi Mass Choirs, or the Florida Fellowship Super Choir!

God’s Grace and Mercy bring “Joy, Joy, God’s great Joy.” “Through it all,” says Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman, founder of FOFMI, “we walk by faith and not by sight…” The Gulf Coast has shown perseverance, again. Orange Beach, AL, will display this with one of the recent grandest Gospel Festival /Conventions. Set to be a time of rejuvenation, revival, and rejoicing, the FOFMI World Convention 2022 and Humanity Project Community Fellowship features 12 different uplifting sessions. On (Nov. 15-17th), sessions are online, while November 18th-19th, 2022, will be Live/In-PERSON.

Scheduled Benefit Concert(s), Men’s, Women’s, and Youth Conferences, Interfaith University Graduation, WVIU Music Awards, EFN TV Awards, Homeless Advocate Honors, and Prayer are all apart. On November 18th (Friday), The Florida Fellowship Super Choir graces the convention with their powerful voices in concert at 6:30 pm CST. Grammy Winner and founder of the Georgia Mass Choir, Rev. Dr. Milton Biggham, will be the keynote speaker.

On November 19th (Saturday) session begins at 10:00 am CST (doors open at 9:00 am), featuring the Georgia and Mississippi Mass Choirs during the WVIU Music Awards, where hostess Tori Tell’em will honor artists from around the Gulf Coast region.

Some artists include Miz Tiffany (Mississippi), Crystoria, Matthew Elias Mcqueen (Florida) 4 ALL Generations, Reclaim the Day, Daniel Evans Ashleigh Dillion, Brian Hoffpauir, and more! Some artists mentioned here have been affected by the recent storm(s) or have family and friends that these adverse circumstances have impacted. FOFMI has done tremendous work to help and is celebrating 33 years of service while inviting the communities along the Gulf Coast area to join in. Experience the beauty of the Gulf Coast as attendees reflect on how the Lord has graciously blessed our land. There will be food, music, and fellowship within the community and abroad. Seats are filling up as many rush to to access the few remaining seats. To keep updated, download the app at!

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