Award-winning artist, pastor, author, and founding member of the 116 Movement, TRIP LEE, is back, and this time he’s announcing THE END! While many would immediately assume that the award-winning artist, author, pastor, and rapper is telling the end of his music career, for Trip Lee, “every ending is a new beginning!”

“Most will think the title, The End, is connected to my final departure from making music, but that’s far from the truth,” shares Trip. It’s symbolic of the season I’m in personally and musically right now. It symbolizes the coming to the end of ourselves, where one door closes so another can open,” he explains. “The state of our nation and the world has caused so many of us to look inward at the legacy we would leave behind if the world were really to end. The end of ourselves is not necessarily the end of our story. The suffering and uncertainty we’re in now feel like the end of everything, but actually, the Lord is clearing the pathway that leads to him and a renewed life!”

Trip Lee and the label executed a masterfully planned rollout to officially announce his return with the anticipation high for his return and the entire Reach Records roster heading out on the We Are UNASHAMED Tour Tour in mid-March. In 2021, Trip Lee surprised 116 fans with a new song, “You Got It,” a single released on the Reach Records Presents Summer ’21 Playlist. He quickly followed with Supernatural,” a warm-up song for The End. On Friday, February 18th, he’ll drop “Stone,” along with a music video by Dustbrandfilms, and pre-orders for the album will open. Click here to pre-order.

Stone,” produced by Mashell and Juice Bangers, continues the conversation Trip Lee began with ‘Supernatural.’ On ‘Supernatural’ I wrote about the need for God’s supernatural power to heal the world, and on “Stone,” it’s more about recognizing that this earth isn’t home, but that we still do have work to do. Knowing that this isn’t home changes how we interact with the world around us and with the trials we face. ‘Stone’ sonically best represents the analog and synth sound heard throughout the album.”

The rollout has been conceptually and visually engaging, from the creative singles and album artwork designed by Kevin Hackett to a dramatic trailer directed by Nathan “Dust” Corrona, which displays Trip’s acting chops. In the trailer, Trip Lee has a conversation with four versions of himself, which he shares he also with himself as he was contemplating a return to music. What does his return mean for him? How will things change? Are we on our original path, taking a detour or making a U-Turn? Wow, we got a publicist?” are some of the questions he answers in the short clip.

While he hasn’t released a new album in five years, Trip continued writing and recording songs. A few pieces that made it to The End from his hiatus are “You Got It,” “Supernatural,” “Stone,” “Wake Up,” ft. KB, “Witness” ft. WHATUPRG and Wande, “Right Out The Gate,” “Gave It Up” ft. DESI and “All Mine” ft. Taylor Hill.

Every ending is a new beginning, and The End is only the beginning of Trip Lee’s rebirth as a true musician, the musical messenger of God, and a new day for those longing for a fresh take on the eternal message of hope in Jesus Christ.